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When we form passives, we often don’t mention the person or thing for the accion (the agent):

  • The movie was made in 2004. // By + agent tells us who or what does something: // The movie was made by Steven Spielberg.
  • With tells us what was used to do something. Compare: // The picture were taken by a famous photographer. // The picture were taken by an excellent camera.

Remember!. You don’t always need to use by + agent in a passive sentence. If the agent is “known”, obvious or is “people in general”, we omit it.

Tree more examples:

  • CDs replaced records in the 1980s. / Records were replaced by CDs in the 1980s.
  • Peter Jackson directed the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. / The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was directed by Peter Jackson.
  • He washed the car with a sponge. / The car was washed with a sponge.

I hope you enjoy this exercises. See you in the next post. Bye 🙂 



We form the simple present passive form with: a simple present form of be (am, is or are) + past participle.

  • I am respected
  • you are respected
  • he is respected
  • she is respected
  • it is respected
  • you are respected
  • we are respected
  • they are respected

Transforming Active form in Passive form:

  • Active: They sell the tickets on Fridays.
  • Passive: The tickets are sold in Fridays.

Let’s see more exercises:

  • She is recognized as Spain’s top singer.
  • Books are sold at half price on Tuesdays.
  • Latin is taught at this school.
  • Salaries are paid in Fridays.
  • These cars are made in Poland.
  • His work is known worldwide.

I hope you enjoy this exercises, see you soon. Bye 🙂


Someone said that the only way to learn something is with practice, so let’s go:

Wich is the correct option for each sentence? Answers at the end.

  1. Somebody stole my passport and money.
    1. My passport and money were stolen.
    2. My passport and money were stolen by somebody.
  2. They discovered gold in the mountains.
    1. Gold has been discovered in the mountains.
    2. Gold was discovered in the mountains.
  3. People have sent expeditions to the Himalayas for years.
    1. Expeditions are sent to the Himalayas by people.
    2. Expeditions have been sent to the Himalayas for years.
  4. The U.S.A. holds a presidential election every four years.
    1. A presidential election is held by the U.S.A. every four years.
    2. A presidential election is held every four years.
  5. One should check the level of gas.
    1. The level of gas should be checked.
    2. The level of gas should have been checked by one.
  6. The government will release a number of political prisoners.
    1. A number of political prisoners will release by the government.
    2. A number of political prisoners will be released by the government.
  7. My parents arrived at the airport yesterday.
    1. My parents were arrived at the airport yesterday.
    2. Yesterday, my parents arrived at the airport.

Right answers:

  • 1.1
  • 2.2
  • 3.2
  • 4.1
  • 5.1
  • 6.2
  • 7.2

How was your test?

I hope you have enjoyed this exercices. See you soon in the next post. Bye, bye 🙂


We form the past progressive passive form with: was or were  + being + past participle:

  • I was being investigated
  • you weres being investigated
  • he was being investigated
  • she was being investigated
  • it was being investigated
  • you were being investigated
  • we were being investigated
  • they were being investigated

Transforming the active in passive

  • Active: Police officers were searching the area.
  • Passive: The area was being searched.

It is simple, isn’t it?

Here more examples of past progressive passive form:

  • I felt as if I was being watched.
  • They claimed they were being threatened.
  • This time last week our apartment was being broken into.
  • The crowds cheered as their hero was being carried shoulder-high.
  • Some people took photos while the old buildings were being pulled down.

It is simple, isn’t it?. See you in the next post. Bye