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Important Linguatec News. Please READ!

The next text is from LINGUATEC:

Please READ! It’s about CAMPUS

On September 16th your Macmillan English Campus site will be UPGRADED to a brand new desing.

Try not to jump out of your chair when you log in as we’ve dramatically changed the look and added four shiny new themes for you to choose from. Just click on your screen name at the top of the page to see them.

As well giving the English Campus a makeover we’ve improved some of the functions like a more developed messages and announcements facility, and more!.

The site will run faster and at last you’ll be able to do a word and phrase search and then filter the resources by both content type and level.

If you have any inconvenience, doubts, or questions, let your supervisor know, he’ll listen to you and solve any problems.

Take providences on your own these day.

I realy hope the Campus will run faster, it’s very important when you are on exams.