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We use will/won’t (the simple future) in the following ways:

1 to give facts and information about the future:

Our new house will be ready next month.

2 to make predictions of future events and to say what we think will happen:

I will be famous one day.

3 when we decide to do something at the time of speaking, for example when we agree to do something:

OK, we’ll meet at the theater, then.

4 in threats and promises:

I promise you I’ll give up smoking.

Present progressive

We use the present progressive to talk about arrangements and definite plans, especially when the time or place has been decided:

We’re going to Brazil in January.

Going to + infinitive

We use going to in the following ways:

1 to talk about plans, especially when we have already decided to do something:

Sheila is going to call me in the morning.

2 to talk about a future event on the basis of present evidence:

Look at the cracks in the walls. This house is going to fall down.


We use will/won’t to talk about facts or what we think is true about the future:

I’ll be 17 on my next birthday.

We generally use the present progressive to talk about arrangements:

I’m meeting the board of directors on Friday.

We use going to when we have some evidence for what we say:

Look at those clouds. It’s going to rain.

Learning tip

Talk to your friends or family about your predictions for the future and/or what you are going to do in the next few days.