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We form the past progressive passive form with: was or were  + being + past participle:

  • I was being investigated
  • you weres being investigated
  • he was being investigated
  • she was being investigated
  • it was being investigated
  • you were being investigated
  • we were being investigated
  • they were being investigated

Transforming the active in passive

  • Active: Police officers were searching the area.
  • Passive: The area was being searched.

It is simple, isn’t it?

Here more examples of past progressive passive form:

  • I felt as if I was being watched.
  • They claimed they were being threatened.
  • This time last week our apartment was being broken into.
  • The crowds cheered as their hero was being carried shoulder-high.
  • Some people took photos while the old buildings were being pulled down.

It is simple, isn’t it?. See you in the next post. Bye



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