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Here some examples:

  1. The botanist’s theory has been backed up by newly-discovered evidence.
  2. After his accident, Jed didn’t feel up to going to the party.
  3. After three weeks vacation, I had a lot of work to catch up with.
  4. I’m sorry to bring this up, but I found a misprint in this contract.
  5. I can’t get this zipper to do up, it most be broken.
  6. The contract for the new project will be drawn up next week.
  7. The completion of the new road will be held up due to a strike by construction workers.
  8. I’m afraid there’s no truth in the story, Geoff made it up as a joke.
  9. He ran up a lot of debts in the town and then disappeared without a trace.
  10. A new organization is being set up for those concerned about the welfare of dolphins.


  1. A good friend never lets you down.
  2. The show is over. We can take down the poster now.
  3. They offered her a lot of money for the house but she turned them down.
  4. As the old lady was crossing the road she was knocked down by a bus.
  5. It was such an old house they decided to have it pulled down.
  6. You should draw up a contract and put everything down in writing.
  7. Prices in the stores never seems to come down; they’re always going up.