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We form the simple present passive form with: a simple present form of be (am, is or are) + past participle.

  • I am respected
  • you are respected
  • he is respected
  • she is respected
  • it is respected
  • you are respected
  • we are respected
  • they are respected

Transforming Active form in Passive form:

  • Active: They sell the tickets on Fridays.
  • Passive: The tickets are sold in Fridays.

Let’s see more exercises:

  • She is recognized as Spain’s top singer.
  • Books are sold at half price on Tuesdays.
  • Latin is taught at this school.
  • Salaries are paid in Fridays.
  • These cars are made in Poland.
  • His work is known worldwide.

I hope you enjoy this exercises, see you soon. Bye 🙂


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