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We form the past progressive passive form with: was or were  + being + past participle:

  • I was being investigated
  • you weres being investigated
  • he was being investigated
  • she was being investigated
  • it was being investigated
  • you were being investigated
  • we were being investigated
  • they were being investigated

Transforming the active in passive

  • Active: Police officers were searching the area.
  • Passive: The area was being searched.

It is simple, isn’t it?

Here more examples of past progressive passive form:

  • I felt as if I was being watched.
  • They claimed they were being threatened.
  • This time last week our apartment was being broken into.
  • The crowds cheered as their hero was being carried shoulder-high.
  • Some people took photos while the old buildings were being pulled down.

It is simple, isn’t it?. See you in the next post. Bye



We form the past perfect passive form with: had + been + past participle.

  • I had been discovered
  • you had been discovered
  • he had been discovered
  • she had been discovered
  • it had been discovered
  • you had been discovered
  • we had been discovered
  • they had been discovered

Trasforming the active form in passive form:

  • Active: By midday, they had sold all the books.
  • Passive: By midday, all the books had been sold.

If you see, it is very similar to simple past passive form.

More examples of past perfect passive form:

  • I didn’t know that all the books had been sold to the local library.
  • Their apartment had been burglarized twice by the time they moved out.
  • She told the police her bag had been stolen on the train.
  • All his classmate had been invited, but only two of them turned up.
  • The trip had been canceled before the weather cleared up.

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We form the simple past passive form with: a simple past form of be (was or were) + past participle.

was or were + past participle

  • I was robbed
  • you were robbed
  • he was robbed
  • she was robbed
  • it was robbed
  • we were robbed
  • you were robbed
  • they were robbed

Now, a example transforming an active sentence in a passive form:

Active: The enemy took the soldier prisoner in March. // The objetc of the main verb becomes the subject in a passive sentence.

Passive (simple past):   The soldier was taken prisoner in March.

More examples:

  • We weren’t invited to Jane’s birthday party.
  • I was given a book to read.
  • The light bulb was invented by Edison.
  • This book was printed in Portugal.
  • The prisoners were released for good conduct.
  • I was brought up by my grandparents. 

I hope you enjoy this posts. See you in the next one, Bye.

Escuchando… 30 de agosto 2010

Hola amigos…
Estos dias he trabajado para poder incluir una nueva categoria, esta se llamara ESCUCHANDO… y aparecera en el panel izquierdo del sitio.
Esta nueva CATEGORIA esta pensada para ayudarte en tu ingles y que entrenes a tu oido escuchando breves conversaciones cotidianas directamente de nativos de E.E.U.U.
Escucha al amigo Brain en una de sus sesiones.
Espero les ayude y agrade.

[AUDIO http://traffic.libsyn.com/tuingles/Tu_Ingles_Sesion_52.mp3%5D