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We form the simple past passive form with: a simple past form of be (was or were) + past participle.

was or were + past participle

  • I was robbed
  • you were robbed
  • he was robbed
  • she was robbed
  • it was robbed
  • we were robbed
  • you were robbed
  • they were robbed

Now, a example transforming an active sentence in a passive form:

Active: The enemy took the soldier prisoner in March. // The objetc of the main verb becomes the subject in a passive sentence.

Passive (simple past):   The soldier was taken prisoner in March.

More examples:

  • We weren’t invited to Jane’s birthday party.
  • I was given a book to read.
  • The light bulb was invented by Edison.
  • This book was printed in Portugal.
  • The prisoners were released for good conduct.
  • I was brought up by my grandparents. 

I hope you enjoy this posts. See you in the next one, Bye.


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